About Us

Horseplay Racing Stables started out as a Claiming stable. We made our first claim on April 6, 2008, a horse named Proud and Bold. An 8 year old gelding that had accumulated over $240,000. Proud and Bold made his first start for us on May 23rd at Church hill downs. As he headed into the first turn in the 1 1/8 mile race, he broke his right front leg. Joe Johnson did a fantastic job bringing the gelding a stop and getting to the ground without harm. Proud and Bold had to be put down that afternoon. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad that first horse is; you will never forget it.

Since that first claim back in 2008, we have claimed over 25 Throughbreds, some of which we made a little money but for the most part it was a losing battle.

IMG_6795Our directions changed a little at Prairie Meadows on June 22, 2010. The horses name was bit of a Lady. She was sired by Medaglia d’Oro and out of a Silver Hawk mare named Mercenary Hawk. She had won her 2 previous races and looked to be a steal at $18,000. As she crossed the finish line in seventh place, she broke her left knee. Did I say that there was a 7 way shake for the mare and yes you guessed it….. we won! Kenny Smith was training for us at the time and he was good friends with Lindon Brach which ran Toby Keith’s Dream Walking farms in Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma. We shipped Bit of a Lady down to the farm where she was evaluated at a 1% survival chance. In that situation, 99% of those horses would have been put down. But one of the hands there said he would like the chance to save her. Lindon told me that I was paying the bill and if I wanted to try they would give it all they had. Six months later the young hispanic man not only had her healed, he had her ready to breed. Thanks to Bit of a Lady and that wonderful hispanic gentleman, Horseplay Racing Stables started it’s breeding program.