Breeding is an argumentative subject. Some people give the majority of the success to the stallion and some give it to the mare. We believe that it is a combination of both with the favoritism going with the mare.  We study the bloodline of all available stallion and match them with our mares. Our decision on a stallion depends on 2 things:

  1. Cost of Stallion
  2. Bloodline cross.

We give 90% of our consideration to the bloodline cross and 10% to the cost of the stallion.

If there are two stallion that have the correct bloodline and one cost $35,000 and the other cost $5,000, we will choose the $5000 stallion.


Our theory is that no matter how prestigious or expensive a stallion may be, they will not produce winners every time.

Sometimes in humans the dad might stand six foot four inches. He may produce four kids one being 6’4″ and the other 3 may be short of 6′. On the other hand, a father might be 6’0″ and he may produce 4 kids being short of 6′ and the other 3 exceeding 6′.

We have these same beliefs in breeding horses. As long as the correct bloodline cross is present, there is an excellent chance to produce winners.

Magical Bloodlines

When you look at the last 21 Kentucky Derby, winners you will find 6 Bloodlines that are dominantly present in 19 of the 21 winners. We look for those bloodlines in the stallions that we are considering. Now it is obvious that not just these bloodlines produce winners but it these bloodlines that produce the big stakes winner and anytime it is possible we will breed with these crosses.