Buying a Horse

Find Someone You Can Trust!

Beyond popular community beliefs. The Racing industry is a very unfair and not so honest business.

Buy A Race Horse!!

There are several different ways to do this. You can buy from an auction. Buying from a reputable auction house can be an okay thing as long as you know what you are looking for. Most reputable auction houses require the owner of the horse to spend hundreds of dollars on x-rays of the horse before they can be enter for sale. These x-rays will be available to you for examination before the auction. Stay away from all auctions that do not require these x-rays.

2) You can buy a horse from an individual. If purchasing a horse in this manner, please hire a reputable veterinarian to do an x-ray and a full examination. Do not buy a horse from an individual without a full vet examination!

3) You can claim a horse from a race track. This is the most least desired way of buying a race horse. Most all racetracks are pro seller and not so much for the claimer. Yes, this way does get you to the track the fastest…maybe… We have made more claims than not as to where there were problems with the horse the next morning. Some we had to put down, some we had to give away because without doping the horse was lame and could not safely race again.

I will tell you that there is no jockeys life worth the chance of losing for a momentary gain. If you are with a trainer or a partner that patches a lame horse to get them back to the races, then you need to separated yourself from them!! It is not worth the consequences if that horse goes down and a jockey is paralyzed for life.

What to do after the purchase?

This all depends on how you purchase your horse. If you buy from an auction house, you will need to prepare to remove your horse from the grounds the same day as the auction. Depending on the age of the horse will determine where you ship to.

If it is a weanling, you will need to ship to a farm that has other weanlings. This is a time that the horse will need to run, jump, and have fun playing with other weanlings of its age.

If the horse is a yearling, you will need to ship to a farm that has the ability to break the horse and get them ready to go to a trainer as a two year old.

If the horse is a two year old in training, you will need to have in trainer in a place and ship the horse directly to the trainer.