If you are not experienced at foaling, do not attempt it without someone that has some experience. In most cases a mare will need to be left alone. She knows more about it than you do. In a few cases, you may need to help that is where the experience comes in. You need to know when to help and what to do. So if you don’t have experience, find someone who does and have them on call. I have foaled several and I still put my vet on call. The other option is to have your mare foal at a farm that is prepared for foaling. These guys do it several times a year and have years of experience. In most cases they will have a vet close in case of an emergency. The difference between you calling a vet at 3 o’ clock in the morning and the farm calling is that in most cases, your vet may not answer the phone right a way. These farms will also have their foaling stalls on a 24 hour monitor.

I personally still sleep in the foaling room with every single one of my brood mares. I have had some that I just watched and they do all the work.

I have also been on the phone with my vet for two solid hours because the foal was upside down.

Foaling can be and is a tremendous enjoyment but it can be a disaster. Just be prepared.