1. Foal – A new born horse. Can be either a boy or a girl
  2. Mare – A fully mature female horse
  3. Stallion – An uncastrated male horse used for breeding
  4. Yearling – As a Jan 1st after birth, a horse becomes a yearling and will stay a yearling until the next Jan. 1st.
  5. Two Year Old – when Jan 1st comes around, the second time a horse becomes a 2 year old
  6. Weanling – when you separate the foal from the mare usually at 5 months.
  7. Colt – A young uncastrated  male horse usually less than 4 years old
  8. Filly – A young female horse usually less than 4 years old
  9. Gelding – a castrated male horse
  10. Furlong – 1/8 of a mile
  11. Finish line – where a race ends
  12. Starting Gate – A restraining structure incorporating a barrier that is raised as the start of a race
  13. Claim – The purchasing of a horse from a race
  14. Shake – If more than one person claims the same horse for the same race, all claimees will be placed in a separate envelope and placed on a table. A dice matching each envelope will be put in a shaker. The shaker will shake and pour out one dice. Whichever envelope the dice matches will be the winner.
  15. Share – When you buy part ownership in a horse. A person can own more than one share.
  16. Partnership – person owning shares of the same horse will be partners
  17. Enter – when the trainer of a horse schedules a horse to race, he enters them in that race.
  18. Condition Book – A book that list all races that are available to enter into. Usually a condition book will be for a 4 to 6 week period.
  19. Scratch –  If for some reason a horse is not able to race, they will be taken out of the race.
  20. Paddock – area where horses are saddled when getting ready to race.